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    A Long History full of Successes
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    Investments that Support the Economy
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    Alliances with International Entities
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    Achieving Sustainability

Real Estate Development

The company owns a large and diverse Real Estate portfolio within and outside borders of the Kingdom ...

Industrial Development

The company has investments in the industrial sector and these investments include ...

Strategic Ownership

The company possesses diverse shares in major leading companies, and these shares support ...


Al Rajhi Ekhwan Group was established in 2010 AD as a closed joint stock company which its headquarter lies in Riyadh.

Our Values

We adhere to the Islamic values in our activities and operations which are carried out according to the applicable regulations.

Our Goals

To invest in Real Estate and industrial projects that support the economy through its rewarding return.

Our Distinctiveness

Committing to the Islamic values and principles in all transactions – the good financial status.

Work Areas

The company practices investing activities in many fields including the fields of property development and investment, industrial development and strategic ownership of shares in the leading joint stock companies. In addition to this, the company has various investments within and outside the borders of the Kingdom in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


The strategy

The company intends to invest in the real estate, industrial and financial projects which have good revenue, and these projects are chosen and studied accurately. Moreover, the company seeks to be one of the most prominent leading companies in its areas of work on both the local level, within the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the international level.



The company pays attention to the matter of selecting the specialized professional staff to join the company's team. For this purpose, the company insists that the new member shall add a new dimension in the collective bestowal wherever his position in the company.